Treads is an informal advice, information and drop-in centre for young people, based in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Treads focuses on the problems and issues that local young people face daily and provides free, unbiased and non-judgmental help and advice to individuals up to the age of 19 and up to 25 for those with Special Educational Needs.

We can offer help and advice on almost anything, including: bullying, education and learning, health and well-being, relationships, sexual health and pregnancy, family conflict, alcohol and drugs, employment and training, counseling, victim support, legal, debt and finance, homelessness, housing and benefits.

Treads was established in 1994 to provide local teenagers and young adults with a safe and secure environment to seek help and advice on any subject. For over 18 years Treads has adapted to help young people in the most contemporary and relevant way and we are hoping to continue to do this. Treads is evolving.

Having recently re-opened in Blandford’s Market Place, Treads is excited about the next 20 years. With new developments and closer involvement with key advice and support services like CAB, Shelter and Blandford Job Club, we plan to offer more than ever before. Our intent is to provide a more efficient way of helping young people resolve difficulties by having ready access to professional advice in addition to the one to one key support offered by Treads staff.

Treads has always benefited from strong links with the community and it is hoped that inviting in trusted advice agencies will serve to encourage local people to get involved and promote further our Aims and Objectives:


  • To support individual young people and enable them to make informed choices and decisions.
  • To promote a positive image of young people.
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle (physical, emotional, sexual).
  • To reduce antisocial behaviour and encourage good citizenship.
  • To raise awareness of issues concerning young people.
  • To develop independent lifestyles.
  • To offer young people opportunities to broaden their outlook and experiences.
  • To ensure young people are aware of Treads and what facilities they can access here.


  • Provide a safe and warm non-judgmental environment in which young people can meet.
  • Involve young people on the Management Committee and include them in the decisions, which are made.
  • Give young people opportunities that are fun, stimulating and challenging.
  • Give young people the chance to be heard.
  • Provide a range of information, both in leaflets and on a face to face basis around lifestyles.
  • Challenge antisocial and offending behaviour.
  • Provide information and give advice on a wide variety of issues relevant to young people.

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