Physical, Emotional & Mental Health

As a teenager your body and mind are growing at a rapid rate and so it’s very important that during this time you take care to look after both. Taking exercise, eating regular and healthy meals, rehydrating, talking over worries rather than bottling them in, and sleeping between 6-8 hours a night all help to keep us healthy, happy, and work better.

For some young people coping with their own or a family member’s physical or mental health difficulty is a part of life but not one that should be faced alone. Around 1 in 12 young people are carers for an ill or disabled family member, whilst 1 in 10 young people will recieve counselling or other type of therapy to help heal an emotional or mental health difficulty (it is suspected that more young people would benefit from counselling but are chosing to bottle problems inside often resulting in depression, self harm, eating disorders or abuse of drink and drugs).

There are many charities you can talk to confidentially about getting the right kind of help and support if you are a carer or are struggling with ill health, some of these charities are listed and linked below. – Produced by Great Ormond Street Hospital to give advice and information on stays in hospital, medical conditions and illnesses – general information on young peoples health issues – information and advice for young people on emotional and mental health – information and advice for young people caring for family members – very helpful information about ASD (Autism and Asperges) – advice for young cancer sufferers – National Deaf Children’s Society – very helpful advice and information on eating disorders – website enabling emergency counselling via email, telephone, face to face or letter – advice and information for suffers of obsessive compulsive disorder sufferers and their families – advice and information for stopping smoking

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