School, College, Training & Employment

The years at school and college are supposedly the happiest of our lives but that isn’t always the case. Struggling with learning, pressure to succeed, exam stress, bullying, feeling unsettled or lonely can stop us from achieving our potential and may even affect our attendance. It is really important we tell someone how we feel and get the right help so that we can grow in knowledge and confidence.  If possible speak to a trusted teacher, a parent, family member, carer, or youth worker about school/college difficulties. If you do not feel you have anyone to turn to please take a look at the agencies and charities listed below.  You have the right to a good education but you also have the responsibility to share you concerns and ask for help.

During time and school or college we are asked to make important decisions that impact on our future study and career choices. Selecting GCSEs, A-Levels, or vocational courses and thinking about what we do when we leave school or college can be daunting. Because of this it is vital you consider carefully all the options available, talking options over with a careers advisor is a first step in making a good decision and this service should be available through school or college. If you do not know how to contact your careers advisor ask a teacher to find out more and arrange an appointment. If you feel some options are closed to you (such as going to university) because of financial pressures and responsibilities, these too should be shared with a teacher, careers advisor, youth worker or even an advisor from one of the agencies listed below. They can help you find and apply for grants, bursaries (scholarships), and other funding streams that may be available depending on what you wish to study or train to be.

For young people looking for work, either part time alongside study or full time employment, the prospects for finding a job can be bleak, but there are ways to break into the job market. Preparing a good CV and cover letter, completing successfully a professional application form, learning winning interview techniques, are all ways to enhance chances of success and can be developed through working with careers advisors at school, college, local job clubs, your local job centre or by visiting one of the sites listed below: – very good advice and ability to contact support worker by telephone, email, or text – advice on handling stress and sadness – the unofficial guide to surviving high school – provides help for those unemployed, struggling at school, been in trouble with the law, or have been in care. – delivers local careers advice and guidance to young people and adults – very good website providing up to date information and advice on types of apprenticeships, local opportunities and how to apply. – local and national job search site, also contains advice on seeking employment. – informative website with tips and advice on finding work

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